Welcome to EveryCampus

EveryCampus® is a collaborative initiative seeking God for revival by making gospel communities on every campus a possibility.

EveryCampus gives people the opportunity to participate in what God is doing on campus, to see students coming to Christ and equipped and trained to minister to peers, for the good and the health of the U.S. Church and beyond for the coming decades.

We believe that prayer is the first step

A great number our nation’s college campuses have a need for healthy Christian community where the hope of Jesus is being shared. In fact, there are over 600 campuses with more than 1,000 students enrolled that have yet to identify gospel community presence. We believe praying on and for these campuses is the first step to seeing new communities get started.

Be a part of something bigger than any one organization or individual could do on their own.

Our dream is that through this unified and collaborative effort, Jesus’ name would be glorified on all the campuses in the U.S., and by God’s grace, revival would come to these campuses, across the country, and around the world.

Join the Community!

Connect with leaders and resources that will help you pursue God’s call on your life. Within the EveryCampus Online Community, you will be able to:

and more!

Our Values Include

  • Lordship of Jesus: A theology that acknowledges Jesus as Lord and embodies gospel integrity.
  • Unity: Working together to reach every kind of student on every campus; trusting others in the body who are different from us, showing impartiality toward all groups and individuals (Phil 2).
  • Prayer: Unified and consistent prayer of all kinds for the students and campuses of the US and the world.
  • Ministry essentials: Promoting the core essence of evangelism and basic discipleship that leads to someone being a world changer/spiritual multiplier.
  • Open access: Multiple entry points providing excellent resources and opportunities for anyone to use; special attention to be given to ethnic communities and marginalized communities.
  • Regular celebration: Tracking progress of what God is doing and rejoicing together in meaningful ways.

We hope to see you inside!